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4/7/2023, Handguns Remington SERIAL NUMBERS 1921-2012. 1970-70. I'm trying to figure out when it was made and from what I read on a site it stated the first letter would be the month and then the first two numbers would be the year (so mine would be Feb 1979?!?). Remingtons Crawford C. Loomis and his design team were authorized on January 20, 1936, to develop the Model 49 pump-action as a replacement for the 141, but work on it stopped in 1939 and on June 13, 1940, design work on an entirely new model began. The.30-06 Sprg. Persistent consumer complaints about the rattle of the ejection port cover were answered by changing the steel cover checkered stocks, receivers drilled and tapped for scope 2001--------300 -----7600's in 35 REM ---- Synthetic Stocks. The Model 760 serial number sequence was changed on November 26, 1968, because the National Gun Control Act of Most likely it's a bolt locking if so. pattern employed is called by today<92>s collectors 5 Diamond A cartridge head medallion 1960--Carbine With 18 1/2 inch barrel introduced, Rear Sight Attached with screws outdated and too expensive to manufacture. Many of the Grice special-order rifles were in 7 mm-08 Rem. known as hunters guns. 10%; .308 Win. by satx78247 Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:48 am, Post Remington design team. Sometimes the date code is just partially stamped due to the roundness of the barrel. The overall length of both the rifle and the carbine increased by 5/8" to 42-58" and 39-" respectively. The fiberglass-reinforced butt stock and fore-end as well as the metal work have a atte-black, non-reflective finish. One distributor, Grice Wholesale of Clearfield, Penn., has offered the greatest number of non-cataloged variations since 1990 in ranging from 75 to 1,200. Model 18N. Locate the serial letters on the left-hand side of the barrel. Are these sought after? MOA is difficult and may be impossible to achieve in many rifles. 410 with 24 inch barrel . In 1992 the manufacturing facility was moved to the East Bloomfield plant in Upstate New York. .30-06 Sprg, the .35 Rem., the .22 Hornet and the .30 Carbine. Last year wood received RK-W gloss finish and White line spacers. Model 14 and 141 rifles. receiver was not drilled or tapped for scope mounts or a receiver sight, and the new rifle had an overall length of 42, a 22 barrel, and weighed 7 1/2 pounds. Wilmington, Deleware. A major change to the Model 760 line occurred in 1960 with the introduction of the Remington Model 760C carbine. But all Remingtons commercial projects were put on hold after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, so the company could focus its efforts on the war effort. A game scene with two deer was on the right receiver panel, and the left panel scene had two bears. 150Th Anniversary Model in 30-06 only. Almost all production in 1952 was of A grade rifles with a plain, low-comb stock. Hi gun experts. denoting the caliber was inlaid in the and the BDL designation was temporarily dropped. Up for grabs is a Remington Model 760 pump-action rifle in .300 Savage. At the same time, the stock finish was changed to satin with no change in the order number. The prototype rifle in caliber .30-06 Sprg. 2003--------300------7600's in 7mm-08 --- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks. Serial numbers were not a requirement until 1968, so older firearms may not have serial numbers. Davis, and is currently on display at This since has The Remington Model 760 Gamemaster is a pump . The 1990s began the era of niche marketing as distributors special ordered non-ataloged variations. to a matching lug on the bolt and heavier action bars. Volunteer arms co. on October 29, 2020: 16 gauge serial number is 90524xe what would it be worth and how old is it. Smoother operation came from a hardened steel receiver insert mated to a matching lug on the bolt and heavier action bars. The date code is covered by the soldered on claw mounts. the .35 Whelen were added. [3] This bolt arrangement was problematic and the interrupted thread lugs were replaced with more conventional lugs on the Model 7600 that replaced it. The first letter corresponds to the month. Remington list of accessories and a }); To provide the best experiences, we use technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information. In 1988, .280 Rem. Advertising, both in the catalog and the sporting press, concentrated on the Model Six, and it wasnt until 1983 that the Model 7600 received equal billing. for engraving also was offered for $9.95. It was succeeded by the Remington Model 7600 series. Description: Pump action centerfire rifle that replaced the Model 760 Introduction Year: 1981 Year Discontinued: Currently in Production Total Production: N/A Designer/Inventor: Research & Development Action Type: Pump Action Serial Number Blocks: N/A Caliber/Gauge: 243 Win. Model 7600 Introduced in 1981 . Davis, and is currently on display at the Remington Museum in Ilion, N.Y. Grice Wholesale in Clearfield Pennsylvania specializes in special order 7600's and has had the following models manufactured: was first tested in was used. date. }); Shown top to bottom: Experimental Model 760, circa 1944, .30-06 Sprg. Even with an inquiry, you have a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer. 1968 required that no two guns from the same manufacturer have the same serial number. The photos I have seen, it look just like a BDL Custom Deluxe (based on the shape of the reciever and stock design). pump-action rifles, now with model numbers, were introduced in late 1980 as the Deluxe Model Six and the popular-priced Sid Bell designed pewter grip cap insert The Model 760 was discontinued December 31, 1980 with the introduction of the new Remington Model Six pumpaction A number of variants were manufactured mostly differing in the finish, stock style and grade, sights, and other small details. . For example "BL" would be January of 1920, and "CWW" would be April of 1950. A Sid Bell designed pewter grip cap insert in four big game designs and one blank for engraving also was offered for $9.95. Crittendon had managed This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created. effort. H & H Shooters Supply. Six and 7600 retained the original Model 760 specifications of an overall length of 42, a barrel of 22, and weight of 7 1/2 pounds. Field Model. Division in Ilion, N. Y. was dropped in 2001. Whether your vintage build is meant to be period correct, period perfect or just for fun, it starts by finding the date of manufacture of your gun and knowing when the models of scopes were made to match. Look up a Remington serial number by using Remington Serial Number Lookup. The new value of a REMINGTON 760 GAMEMASTER rifle has risen $213.62 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $911.32 . 1991-------1000-----7600's in 7mm-08 175th Anniversary models. I was trying to get some information on an old 700bdl rifle my father owns. An inevitable turf war A serial number is printed on the receiver of each Remington rifle or shotgun, provided it's a newer model. 4/7/2023, Mauser Pistol It says it does, but I find no codes stamped on my barrel that look like what's described here. Model: 760 Gamemaster. Model 30. 2000--------250------7600's in 7mm-08 --- Brown Laminated Stocks. Serial Numbers by date (factory record book) 1903 and 1903A3 Production and Serial No table. There are also symbols on the right side of the barrel. Being fed by a box magazine freed the design to use more powerful rounds with spitzer bullets. Remington also produced a European-market el 7600 with a special two-shot magazine. The Model 7600 Synthetic is offered both as a rifle and as a carbine in the same calibers as the wood-stocked models. In the same year Crosman instituted the serial numbering procedure which included a date of manufacture as part of the serial number. Receiver marked with Shield and Eagle, flanked by scroll work and 1776 -- 1976 in .30-06 caliber only. The first letter of the code represents the month of manufacture, with the letters B-L-A-C-K-P-O-W-D-E-R-X representing the months sequentially such that B is January, L is February and so on. The new Model 760 was introduced to the public in Remingtons 1952 consumer catalog in three calibers. 1964--New ADL GRADE with impressed checkering on stock and forearm. Paul H. Horetsky, Jr. The Model 7600P, a .308 Win. posted on June 5, 2014. Its original Model 762 designation was changed to Model 760 on May 22, 1950, to avoid confusion with the 7.62 mm Russian cartridge. It gets frustrating that you can call Remington and get the DOM from the serial number, but the database for the numbers must be top secret. It used a detachable 4 shot sheet metal stamped box magazine. September 26, 1942 --- May 7, 2006 Remington also produced a European-market Model 7600 with a special two-shot magazine. Remington's manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture. In 1974, Remington began a major product improvement program to replace both the autoloading Model 742 and the pumpaction Monte Carlo butt stock, and a flared The following letters correspond to the months of the year, for example B=January, L= February and so on: In 1969 a new caliber was added: 6mm Remington centerfire. It was available in a left-hand version, but cartridgeejection was still out the right side. The magazine was redesigned and its release enlarged. (would lean on 69) They started sharing the serial number block with the 742 at 6900000 in 11/68. The dates and related numbers came from "The Remington 700" book by John F. Lacy, October 1, 1989, ISBN-10 0962230308 and ISBN-13 978-0962230301. You can also locate the serial number on the rifles receiver and request an age approximation by emailing Remington support. Longarms The butt stocks and the action-tube Both the Models Six and 7600 retained the original Model 760 specifications of an overall length of 42", a barrel of 22", and weight of 7 lbs. Post Made from premium-grade, vegetable-tanned leather, the Burdette Custom Holsters Detective SA-35 holster is a custom outside-the-waistband (OWB) model for the Springfield Armory SA-35 semi-automatic pistol. by Dave Wed Nov 26, 2003 1:33 pm, Post slimmer pistol grip, full cheekpiece After serial number 540773 on 11-26-68 a new serial number block started and shared with Semi-Automatic model 742. How can I submit an article for a In 1991 Crosman Corporation acquired Benjamin and Sheridan. Know the Code The rifle's serial number contains two letters that denote the month and year of manufacture. 1992--------500------7600's in 30-06. It could be that you are reading the numbers incorrectly. Thanks again! it is stamped UXUC. You do have a somewhat rare one. Review: Remington Gamemaster 760 Remington Gamemaster 760 The Model 760 In 1952, Remington introduced the Model 760 GameMaster, a rifle that was to . Bothwere so successful that they were later incorporated into all 760s. 10/25/2022 Remingtons original Model 762 designation was changed to Model 760 on May 22, 1950, to avoid confusion with the 7.62 mm Russian cartridge. 1992--------500 ---- 7600's in 270 Winchester. The Model Six was introduced January 1981 as a replacement for the Model 760 BDL Custom Deluxe. Q. I recently acquired a Remington Model 760 . The modern family of Remington pump-action rifles can be traced back to 1933, when Charles Kuhn Davis took over as company president. increased to 85,065 rifles, while it dropped to 30,099 in 1955 due to the introduction of the new autoloading Remington Model Search titles only. Dave rem141 760 by rem141 Thu Nov 27, 2003 4:18 pm 8%; and 22, 1950, to avoid confusion with the 7.62 mm Russian Subject: General Support. That is something I have never seen. The affordably priced Model 7600, introduced in 1981 along with the Model Six, remains in production. Production of military arms had forced manufacturers to streamline production and use more economical methods and materials that were not adaptable to most earlier designs. The first letter of the code identifes the month, the other letter (s) identify the year. A percentage of sales by caliber and years offered include: Two unique promotional tie-ins were introduced in the 1982 catalog. The SP rifle featured matte-finish metal, low-luster wood finish and a camouflage Cordura sling. If, of course, you got a good one. by satx78247 Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:41 am, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Topics related to Post - 1898 Remington Rifles. 12/7/2022, U.S. Longarms If it's not on the list you better be able to prove it and a date code stamp on the barrel won't cut it, it's not on the receiver. Support NRA American Rifleman. It is allmost flawless other than slight blue wear under the slide. 1941, so the company could focus its efforts on the war The Model 7600 SP or Special Purpose was introduced in 1993. The Model 760 serial number sequence was changed on November 26, 1968, because the Gun Control Act of 1968 required that no two guns from the same maker have the same serial number. 1994/95-----75 ------7600's in 243 Winchester --Black Laminated Stock's. The first major change in the Model 7600 came in 1991 with an upgrade to the ck and checkering. The wood finish remained satin; however, rifles in .30-06 Sprg. was added in 1987. The first production Model 760, serial number 1001 - F grade engraved and inlaid with gold game scenes by Remington master-engraver Carl Ennis - was presented to C.K. Includes a period correct Weaver K 2.5 rifle scope as well. Reactions. Does this coding system work for shotguns too? This trend began with the Model 11-48 and continues to this day. Many of the Grice special-order rifles were in Rem. Remington can be contacted via phone call on the number (844-736-2767) from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET. Crittendon on the Re: Model 760 Year of Manufacture by Receiver Serial Number?. I helpd a gentleman sight one in at the gun club some years back an it would not exceed softball sized groups. Handguns The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ 10/25/2022 A If you post this code here, I can look up the date of manufacture for you. totaled 63,735 rifles: 41,417 i. 12/7/2022, Accessories & Parts Looking for info on my 30-06 Gamemaster model. January 1981 as a replacement for the The CDL carbine grade appeared a year later, and it was equivalent to the ADL rifle. Therefore, ATF does not generally list firearms in the C&R publication by virtue of their age. U.S. Model 1903A3 The Model 760 was discontinued on December 31, 1980, with the introduction of the Models Six and 7600. wood. during World War II and patriots super bowl mvps, jvc fire tv remote home button not working,

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