USPS Hold Mail Service –

USPS Hold Mail Service –

Usually, people go on a trip during vacations for about 10 days or a month in order to enjoy to the peaks and visit USPS Tracking. But, the main problem arises when you receive some Tracking usps hold mail but there is no one to take it over at your home. Compared to those days, it has become quite less to get mails in this current advanced technology. However, if in case, you receive usps hold mail and you don’t have a single person at your house to take your mail.

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USPS Hold Mail Features:

In such a consequence, you can get through that issue by following any one from the three different solutions provided below:

  • Just hold your mail at the nearest or local branch of US Post Office
  • Simply leave the pile of mails as it is in the mailbox
  • Go and contact one of your trusted neighbours or a family person to pick and secure it

You can make use of any of the above given solutions in order to take care of your mail. If you are not going to make use of second two solutions, you can out your mail on hold using the USPS Hold Mail option. If you’re not aware of the process of placing the mail on hold, we are here to assist you in the best way. Check it out USPS Priority Mail | US Postal Service Priority Mail

Hold Mail Tracking by USPS:

There are three different ways to submit hold mail to the United States Postal Service which is provided below in detailed step-by-step procedure. You can go through the official website or simply give a call to the post office. Here is the detailed description about each method!

usps -hold- mail

usps hold mail

Method 1: Visit Post Office in Person

One of the methods is to visit the nearest post office in person and fill in a paper form of hold mail and submit it to the postal employee. Here is the process:

Step 1:Firstly, visit any local post office and get a “Hold Mail” form.

Step 2:Fill in the form with appropriate details and hand it over at the local post office.

Method 2: Online

Filling the USPS Hold Mail is an online process through official website:

Step 1:Firstly, navigate to the website as soon as 30 days before your vacation.

Step 2:Click on the link that says “Hold Mail” under the “Manage Your Mail” tab.

Step 3:Fill in your address in the provided fields and hit the “Check Availability” button to check whether an online mail holding is available in your locality or not.

Step 4: When you are free to take your mail just enter your preferred dates enter your preferred dates and select whether you wish all your held mail delivered to you when you return back to home or if prefer to take it at your local post office after returning back from the trip.

Step 5:Just click on the “Submit” button and enter the confirmation number which you receive.

Step 6: You can make use of this number in order to make any kind of changes to your holdmail.

Method 3: By Phone

You can even make a call to the Postal Service and request to schedule a holiday mail hold through the phone.You can then submit your hold mail request through your call. Below, we have provided the service hours of the Telephone customer service. Check it out USPS Tracking Hold mail Page to track Your shipments and packages.